How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship

With the growing number of relationships starting out online, many people are looking into how to keep a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships can be trying on people and require special approaches and care that differ from face to face relationships in order to prosper. Particularly important aspects of long distance relationships deal in trust issues as well as the ability to withhold any feelings of jealously that result from not being with that person while other members of the opposite sex are. Fortunately, be abiding by a few simple guidelines, a long distance relationship can be kept healthy and rewarding for both partners involved.

  1. Talk regularly. One of the most important aspects of learning how to keep a long distance relationship is to converse and interact regularly. Much like with face to face relationships, if a couple is left apart for long enough, things can go stagnant; this is particularly truthful with long distance relationships. Talk on the phone or through video chat on a regular basis to help keep the freshness and feelings of love for one another present within the relationship.
  2. Fight back any feelings of unnecessary jealousy. While it can be difficult, while in a long distance relationship, fight back feelings of jealousy. Jealousy is a major problem for long distance relationships due to the fact that each person involved is unable to be physically with the person while other members of the opposite sex are allowed to be. This can be trying at times, and cause feelings of deception and feeling threatened by non existent competition. By fighting back any outbursts or urge to bring up something arising from feeling jealous, unless there was a blatant breach on the relationship,  is a sure bet way to keep the relationship healthy.
  3. Engage in phone or web cam sex. Help keep the relationship fresh and the urge to look elsewhere for sexual stimulation by engaging in phone and video sex. While in fact this type of sex is not as good as the real thing, it can definitely help bring a sexual element to the long distance relationship that will drastically help decrease the chance of wandering eyes and the prospect of one or both people being unfaithful.
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