How To Keep A Mountain Lion Away From Your Camp

If you are planning a camping trip, you may be wondering how to keep a mountain lion away from your camp. In certain parts of the country, there is a real risk of encountering a mountain lion while you are camping. Always remember, you are a visitor in their home. Here are a few precautions you can take, to help ensure that you keep a mountain lion away from your camp.

  1. Leave your dog at home. Many campers love to bring their four-legged friends along when they head out into the woods. If you are camping in an area that is known to have a large population of mountain lions, this is not a good idea. Dogs are often targeted by the mountain lion. To help ensure you will keep a mountain lion away from your camp, leave Fido at home.
  2. Watch children closely. Children are usually the victims of mountain lion attacks.  A small child running around a wooded campsite, can look like a hearty meal for a hungry mountain lion. Try to keep children close to the adults. Never let a child wander to the outer edges of the camp site alone.
  3. Camp in large groups. Almost all mountain lion attacks on humans have come while the person has been alone or with only one other person. This may be because, large groups of people usually make a lot of noise. Loud noises will help keep a mountain lion away from your camp. Make sure to use a buddy system whenever people leave camp to go to the bathroom or collect firewood.
  4. Do not leave food at your campsite. Make sure all food is put properly stored, and placed a good distance away from sleeping areas. The smell of food can bring all kinds of curious and hungry wildlife to your campsite. Campers should invest in a wildlife proof container to store food. Also, make sure all garbage is disposed of properly to keep a mountain lion away from your camp

Luckily mountain lion attacks on humans are relatively uncommon. If despite your best efforts to keep a mountain lion away from your camp, one happens to wander in, don’t panic. Never run from a mountain lion, they love to chase prey. Stand tall and make a lot of noise. Never turn your back on a mountain lion. If he attacks, fight him with anything you can get your hands on. Pepper spray, sticks or a hunting knife have all been affective at fighting off adult mountain lions.

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