How To Keep Neighborhood Kids From Skateboarding In Your Driveway

Learn how to keep neighborhood kids from skateboarding in your driveway. It can be quite annoying when you walk outside or look out your window and see kids skateboarding in your driveway. But don't worry, because there are a few things you can do to keep the neighborhood kids from skateboarding in your driveway.

  1. Get a fence. Getting a fence put around your front yard would surely keep neighborhood kids out of your driveway. No kid will go through the trouble of opening your fence just to start skateboarding. If you already have a gate, then keep it closed at all times. Some kids may perceive an open gate as permission to enter your driveway and skateboard to their heart's content.
  2. Put up a sign. You could purchase a sign from a hobby store or get a custom made sign online. It could state "No Trespassing on Driveway," or a simple "No Skateboarding." Signs are a good way to send out a message without hostility. Also, be sure to put the sign where it is clearly visible.
  3. Place obvious obstacles in the driveway. The main obstacle you could have in the driveway is a car that takes up the whole driveway. If you do not own a car, then put large objects at the start of your driveway. No kid in the neighborhood is going to still try to skateboard in a blocked-off driveway when he could just go off and skateboard elsewhere. This tip is a sure way of keeping neighborhood kids from skateboarding in your driveway. Please note that some cities prevent driveway blockage, but cars are never banned if it is your own driveway.
  4. Talk to the parents in the neighborhood. Not everybody is capable of talking to every parent in the neighborhood. If it is possible to do so, then do it. Getting the word out will make your wishes clear. Parents will make sure that their kids are not in your driveway even if you are not at home to watch. Well, at least most parents would keep their children from skateboarding in your driveway. Then, one neighborhood kid will tell the next that it isn't cool to skateboard in your driveway anymore.
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