How To Keep Nokia 1661 Phone From Automatically Locking Keypad

While the Automatic Keylock is designed to help users, you may find yourself wanting to learn how to keep the Nokia 1661 phone from automatically locking the keypad. The idea of an automatically locking keypad is to prevent the user from accidently activating a call while the phone is in a purse, bag or pocket. Unfortunately for those of us who don't frequently put our phone in our pockets, it can become an annoyance. The automatically locking keypad can be an even bigger annoyance for those who frequently need to create new text messages or utilize applications on the phone. The process to disable the Nokia 1661 automatically locking keypad is quite easy.

  1. Power on the Nokia 1661. Wait until the phone completely powers up. Allow the Nokia 1661 to reach the main screen.
  2. Navigate to the settings menu. Press "Menu" from the main screen.
  3. Scroll to phone settings. From the menu, navigate to "Settings", press "Select".
  4. Select keyguard settings. Highlight the option for "Keyguard Settings". Press "Select".
  5. Select automatic keyguard. Highlight the option for "Automatic Keyguard". Press "Select".
  6. Choose Off.
  7. Exit to main menu. Exit to the Main Menu by pressing the red hang up key.


  • Disabling the Automatically Locking Keypad on the Nokia 1661 can lead to accidently dialing numbers if you place your phone in your pocket or bag.
  • In place of the Automatically Locking Keypad, the keypad can be locked only when necessary from the main screen, Select Menu and then select Lock Keypad. Locking the keypad manually may be a better solution than automatically locking keypad, however, if you are forgetful this could be a problem.
  • The automatically locking keypad on the Nokia 1661 is designed for convenience, not security. The Nokia 1661 has a different feature for security, which can password protect the Nokia 1661.
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