How To Keep Nokia Phone From Automatically Locking Keypad

The automatic locking keypad on your Nokia phone has become annoying and you want to know, "How To Keep Nokia Phone From Automatically Locking Keypad?" Being able to go straight to your home screen would be such a relief from having to worry about unlocking the keypad every time you wan to use the phone. The automatically locking keypad is a security feature to keep from accidentally dialing someone while the phone is in your pocket or purse. Although the automatic locking keypad is a great feature on the Nokia phone for some, not everyone is fond of it. If you don't want your phone to automatically lock your keypad, there is a way to stop it from doing so.

To keep your Nokia phone from the automatically locking keypad you will need:

  • Nokia cell phone
  • security code
  1. From your home screen click on the "Menu" button.
  2. Go to the "Settings" menu. Under your "Settings" menu, pick the "General" options. Then select "Security".
  3. Use your "security code" if required.  After you select "Security" you may be prompted to enter you security code. If you have not changed the lock code, the default code is 12345.
  4. Select the "Phone and SIM card" option. You will now be able to unlock your keypad.
  5. Select the "Keypad autolock period." Enter 'none' or '0" when prompted to enter the length time before your phone locks automatically.
  6. Press "Save" or "OK" to secure this unlock time period. Exit out of the menu. Your Nokia phone is able to keep from the automatically locking keypad.
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