How To Keep Rats Out Of Car Engine

Looking for directions on how to keep rats out of car engines? Rats, along with many other rodents, can cause serious damage to your car engine. Rats are capable of chewing through electrical wires, building nests in your engine block and air filter compartment, and even ripping apart the firewall that separates the car engine from the interior of your vehicle. The tips below will teach you how to make your car engine an unfriendly environment for rats.

  1. Garages. If you have a garage that is not infested with rats, then it is best that you park your car in the garage. By leaving your car outside, you are telling rats that your car engine is free for the taking. Garages or any other enclosed structures will keep your car inside and the rats outside.
  2. Maintenance. Rats are constantly looking for shelter and food. If possible, keep any garbage cans inside a garage, shed, etc. If you have any bird feeders, keep them away from your home. Rats love to eat the seed that the birds drop. Keep any shrubs, brushes, and trees trimmed so that there are no low hanging branches for rats to take shelter under.
  3. Mothballs. Rats do not like the scent of mothballs. Using electrical tape, you can tape mothballs under the hood of your car. You must use caution when using mothballs, though. Keep them away from running car parts and parts of your car engine that heat up. You should be able to accomplish this by taping the mothballs around the outer edge of your car engine.
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