How To Keep Receiver Gloves Sticky

When you know how to keep receiver gloves sticky, it will be much easier to catch the football. Not long ago, NFL receivers used to apply stick ‘um, however that substance is no longer legal. If your gloves are getting old, instead of trying to keep receiver gloves sticky, you may just want to replace them altogether with a fresh pair.

Things you may need:

  • Dryer
  • Adhesive spray
  1. Let your gloves dry in the sun. It is hard to keep receiver gloves sticky when they are sweaty, so let the gloves dry in direct sunlight. Be careful the next time you wear the gloves since you may tear them if you apply too much pressure when you put them on.
  2. Put the gloves in the dryer. If you cannot keep receiver gloves sticky, try putting them in a dryer and set it to high. Put your gloves in for a few minutes, then remove them and see if your grip improves. Repeat the process if the gloves are still not providing you with enough grip.
  3. If you are trying to keep receiver gloves sticky during a game, rub some dirt on them. Spit on your gloves after you apply a layer of dirt. Wipe the excess off on your pads, then see if your grip is better. Repeat this during the game if it works well for you since you will need to keep receiver gloves sticky each time you try to catch a pass.
  4. Apply an adhesive spray to the gloves. Ask your football team’s equipment manager for some spray if you cannot find any. You may not be able to use the spray during a game, so apply it after you finish and let it soak in. Practice receiving some passes from the quarterback the next time you play and see if your gloves are sticky enough to control the ball. If not, you may want to replace them before you drop a pass that hurts your team's chances of winning the game.
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