How To Keep Score In Mah Jongg

Want to know how to keep score in "Mah Jong"? "Mah Jong" is a traditional Chinese board game that looks something like "Scrabble." However, the "Mah Jong" game play and scoring are unique. Follow these directions and you will know how to keep score in "Mah Jong."

Things you'll need:

  • Four players (with one player as dealer)
  • Complete set of "Mah Jong" tiles
  • Pencil
  • Scoring pad
  1. To begin the game, each player receives two thousand points. These points are paid out to the winner of each hand. Only one person can win a hand.
  2. The winner of each hand earns twenty points. If the dealer wins, the points are doubled. There are other ways for the winner of the hand to score more points.
  3. Sequences earn no points. Melded triples earn two points. Concealed triples earn four points. Melded fours earn eight points. Concealed fours earn sixteen points. Points are doubled if they are terminal honors. These are in the sets divisions.
  4. These are the scores for the Pairs Divisions. Suit tiles earn no points. Ordinary winds earn no points. Lucky tiles earn two points. Double inds earn four points.
  5. These are the scores for last tiles. Winning earns twenty points. Discarded tiles earn no points. Self-drawn earns two points. One chance earns two points.
  6. These are the scores for concealed hand. With discard earns ten points.
  7. If the dealer loses the hand, the dealer has to pay double. The dealer wins double if the dealer wins the hand.
  8. There is a five hundred point limit for each hand of "Mah Jong." If the point limit is reached, the pay out is five hundred points. The player who reaches five thousand points first is the winner.


  • Play with somebody who knows how to play "Mah Jong" to learn the game faster.
  • The many variations of "Mah Jong" make scoring in each game different.
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