How To Keep Score In A Soccer Game

How to keep score in a soccer game is a relatively simple task.  In soccer, there are two goals set up at opposite ends of the field. The object of the game is to kick the ball across the white line, or goal line, that runs across the width of the goal and into the net.  The team with the highest amount of points at the end of the game wins the game. By following a few simple steps you can accurately understand how to keep score in a soccer game.

  1. Scoring a goal. Each time a team kicks the ball across the goal line, they are awarded with one point. As soon as one team kicks the ball across the goal line the score becomes 1-0. If the opposite teams kicks the ball across the goal line then the score is 1-1. Each time a team scores, the score increases by one.  This makes keeping score in a soccer game very simple.
  2. Overtime. If the score in a soccer game is tied at the end of the 90 minutes of the game, there is an overtime period of fifteen minutes. The first team to score in that fifteen minutes wins the game. If both teams remain tied after the fifteen minute period, then there is an additional fifteen minute period played. If no team scores after the additional fifteen minute period then the game goes to a shoot-out. The score of a game that is won in overtime appears as, Team A-1, Team B-2 – OT. OT stands for Overtime.
  3. Shootout. The shootout is where keeping score in a soccer game becomes more complicated. During a shootout, each team has five turns to shoot on goal. Each shooter takes a shot from the penalty shot marker located within the goal box, which extends out from the goal. The teams shoot until one team has scored more goals than the other could match with the amount of shots the other team has remaining. For example if Team A makes its first three shots in the shootout and Team B misses their first three shots, then Team A wins the game. If both teams are tied after their five shots a "sudden death" method is used, which means both teams shoot until one team misses a shot while the other team makes a shot. If the score of the game was tied 1-1 and Team A won on penalty kicks 5-4, the score would read as: Team A -1, Team B – 2 pens., Team A won 5-4 on penalty kicks. Keeping score of a soccer game that goes to penalty kicks is slightly more complicated, but still relatively simple.

Soccer is one of the simplest sports to keep score of, which is one of the reasons why it is the most popular game in the world.  If you stick to these simple steps you will be able to follow the game of soccer with the rest of the world.



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