How To Keep Skateboard From Scratching Your Shoes

Learning how to keep skateboard from scratching your shoes can help skaters salvage skate shoes for longer periods of time. Scratching shoes while skateboarding is fairly common. Skateboards are covered with sandpaper-like material called grip tape, which scratches on skateboard shoes over time. However, skaters can learn a few steps to get longer usage out of their skate shoes and minimize scratches.

  1. Skate with High Quality Skate Shoes. Scratching skate shoes while skateboarding is something most skaters experience. However, skating with cheap brands of shoes will almost guarantee fast wear and tear. Skating with pro signature skate shoes will help increase the amount of time it takes to scratch and wear down skate shoes. These shoes are usually designed to handle heavier wear and tear.
  2. Minimize Certain Tricks. Performing numerous backflips, ollies and other tricks that involve flipping and rotating your board with your feet will cause sandpapery griptape to wear down shoes faster. In order to minimize skateboard from scratching shoes, avoid performing certain tricks which require striking your shoes against the skateboard’s deck. If you are trying to keep a skateboard from scratching your shoes, only perform these tricks wearing high quality skate shoes.
  3. Use Shoe Goo. If learning how to keep a skateboard from scratching your shoes calls for avoiding your favorite tricks or shelling out cash for expensive skate shoes, there is a simpler and cheaper alternative. Most skate shoes may be coating with shoe goo in order to minimize scratches. Shoe goo is liquid rubber which provides lasting protection once it dries. Shoe goo can be purchased from most skateshops or online from marketplace websites.
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