How To Keep Skin From Aging

As we age, finding out how to keep skin from aging becomes more important. Contrary to popular belief, you can start doing something about your aging skin before it's too late, and you won't have to pay much for it. It's actually quite easy to make the small changes in your skin maintenance with shocking results.

A few changes that can be made that are good for your skin include:

  1. Wearing sunscreen. The sun ages your skin and will cause early wrinkles. Use this to keep your skin from aging.
  2. Using a moisturizer. Use of a moisturizer once a day will keep your skin from getting dried out.
  3. Cutting out fatty foods. What you put in your body affects the outside of it, too. So, make sure you're drinking a lot of water and getting your proper vitamin intake. Drinking water keeps your skin from aging.
  4. Exfoliating once a week. When choosing an exfoliate, try to avoid one that is too harsh on your skin. Using one that is too harsh can actually be bad for your skin, because it's over cleansing and drying out your skin. Your face will produce more oil to make up for it being dried out.  
  5. Stop smoking. Not only will it be better for your health, it will also be better for your skin.
  6. Make sure you keep your bedding clean. You lay on your bedding when you sleep, so any dirt or oils on your bed will be in contact with your skin, thus, aging it.
  7. Use a facial mask once a week. There are different types of facial masks. They can be made or bought at the store. It's all a matter of personal preference. Some feel more comfortable with making their own mask at home, because they can control what goes into it. Before you make your own facial mask, know what type of skin you have. Also, make sure the recipe you're using for your facial mask states what type of skin it's supposed to be used for.

Below is a very simple yogurt facial mask recipe meant for normal or oily skin. What you will need for it is:

  • One teaspoon of yogurt.
  • A half of a cucumber. 
  • Food processor or blender.

On to the actual preparation and use of the mask:

  1. Cut the cucumber into medium pieces that can fit in a blender or food processor.
  2. Put the cucumber and one teaspoon of yogurt into your food processor.
  3. Blend them together until they are a paste.
  4. After the mask is completed, leave on your face for 30 minutes. Make sure the mask is rinsed off completely afterwards.

Not everyone has oily or normal skin, so below is a simple peach facial mask recipe for dry skin. What you will need is:

  • A whole peach.
  • A teaspoon of your choice of almond oil, olive oil or peach kernel oil.
  • A food processor or blender.

Preparation of the mask and use:

  1. Slice the peach into small enough pieces to be blended by your food processor or blender.
  2. Add the teaspoon of oil you chose.
  3. Blend it until it's a spreadable paste.
  4. Apply it to your face for fifteen minutes. Make sure you completely wash it off after the fifteen minutes.

Having beautiful skin free of aging isn't only for movie stars. Anyone can have it with some tweaks to their daily skin care. How to keep skin from aging is simplier than it seems. It's painless and almost free. Nearly anyone can have beautiful ageless skin.

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