How To Keep Snakes Away

Need to know how to keep snakes away? With warmer temperatures on the way it is time to start thinking of how to keep snakes away. Snakes can take over if precautions are not taken to keep them away. Here are a few things you can do to keep snakes away from your home.

  1. This tip is a bit of an old wives' tale, but it works. Burn a leather shoe to keep snakes away.
  2. If you have a reason to believe snakes are under your home, throw some lime under your house. This will help deter snakes.
  3. Snakes are attracted to rats, mice and chicken eggs. Make sure to get rid of mice and rats with traps or some form of rat poison. If you have hens that lay eggs on a regular basis, be sure to get the eggs up as soon as possible.
  4. If the property around your home has heavy bushes or hedges, you will need to trim them. Eliminate excessive plant growth by cutting the brush away and keeping your hedges trimmed.
  5. If you use firewood for heating, keep it in a location that is not close to your home. Keep the wood stacked so that you can see clearly enough if a snake is present.
  6. If you have a rock pile, now would be a great time to lay or spread it. If you do not, snakes can take it over.
  7. If you have an abundance of snakes, the best way to get rid of them is to have a professional come in. Professional pest controllers can come in and physically remove the snakes.
  8. Tobacco leaves spread around the edges of your yard can repel snakes. Snakes hate the scent of tobacco and will not come around it.
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