How To Keep Socks From Falling Down

One of the most practical things to know is how to keep socks from falling down. Are you constantly pulling your socks back up from getting bunched in your shoe or boot? What a pain in the foot! Socks won't be a problem anymore if you follow this advice. There are a few things available so your socks won't fall down.

  1. Certain socks don't fall down as much as others. Socks with thicker cuffs are made to help with the falling down issue. The thicker cuff makes it slightly tighter on your leg and less likely to slide down your leg. Socks that have flexible arch support bands help to keep the socks in place on your foot. When your socks are snug on your feet, they are not going to slide as much.
  2. You can get sock garters for a low price at some stores. These work exactly like they sound. The sock garter fits around your knees and the sliding socks are held up by clips. This works if you have pants covering up your legs, otherwise it may alter the fashion a bit.
  3. Elastic bands are an old method, but they work. Yes, rubber bands. Approximately two inches from the top of your sock is where you place the elastic band. Then you simply fold the top of your sock over the bands and tada! No more falling down for your socks.
  4. Fold your socks. If you are wearing boots this works great. It's harder to dig your fingers into your boots to pull up your socks than if you are wearing a tennis shoe or flat dress shoe. This may sound silly, but fold your socks over the tops of your boots. They won't fall down anymore.
  5. Glue is a guarantee to stop socks from falling down. You can surf the web or go to a shoe store for this product. For an inexpensive price you can purchase sock glue to fix your falling socks. This seems to be the winning method for most dancers who have to keep their knee socks up, or if your attire is that of a kilt and knee socks. It is a sock glue that you roll on to your leg where the top of the sock will be. Put your socks on and press firmly to the glue. Sock glue is safe and washes off with soap and water.
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