How To Keep The Spark In A Relationship

How do you keep the spark in a relationship? In the earlier stages of a relationships, most couples tend to give their all—whether it giving cute nicknames, dressing their best and most importantly, making plans for the next hot date. Unfortunately, when the relationship goes on from months to years, some couples forget the good things that brought them together. If you find your relationship becoming stale and just getting day by day with your honey, find out what you can do on how to keep the spark in a relationship.

  1. Be creative. Doing something extravagant is nice but sometimes the little things count the most to keep the spark in a relationship—using your talent to your advantage can do wonders for your relationship. If you are a musician, you can serenade your lover or play a beautiful instrumental piece. Alternatively, if you are a writer, write poetry expressing your love. Thinking of ideas on what you can do to woo your partner shows not only you are thinking of them, but also keep things fresh .
  2. Go out on dates.  Some couples in long term relationships or marriage forget to have fun and often get caught in busy schedules, taking care of their children or become too settled that they think they don’t need to try anymore. Relationships are about doing your best and that include planning a date night. Do something you both enjoy, whether it is going to the movies, a new restaurant, skating or walking on the beach. If you have kids, have them stay over a family or friend’s house for the night. Making time is important and does wonders for your romantic life to bring back sparks.
  3. Surprise your partner. Relationships can get dusty and become predictable but sometimes breaking from routine is a good thing to keep the spark in a relationship—you can impulsively choose to go out on a night on the town or visit your love's workplace unannounced. Keeping him or her on their toes bring more excitement in the relationship and he or she will not wait what to expect next.
  4. Dress your best. It is OK to dress down and get away from looking like a stud but wearing a plain shirt with sweat pants most of the time can be a damper physical wise. There's nothing wrong looking good for your woman and be their personal eye candy, as it shows you care enough to keep up your appearances after numerous years together. Remember you are a reflection of your partner so continue looking your best to continuously make the spark fly.
  5. Be more "on" than "off" in your sex life. In the beginning, fireworks are all over the place, and it includes you and your lover doing it anywhere imaginable. After awhile couples become complacent and their sex lives diminishes. Intimacy is important as much as communication is as both people can express themselves psychically together. If sex is becoming stale try out role-playing, shopping for sexy lingerie, inappropriately grab your partner unexpectedly; send a dirty email or text messages, heavy make out sessions in a secluded area to set the mood. Just do things that show you want each other and you will surely bring the sparks back.
  6. Remind your partner why you are appreciative. Take a few moments together your partner knows how appreciative you are. Compliment her on the greatest qualities that you love and admire or say how blessed or thankful to be in your partner’s life. Look back on fond memories together and discuss the first date, kiss, and conversation you had together. You can do this once a week or a month making sure you will not take them for granted. Sometimes saying these things ensure sparks in your relationship.
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