How To Keep Squirrels Away

Ask anyone who has ever had a yard, or even worse a garden, that has been infested by squirrels and they will tell you the importance of knowing how to keep squirrels away. While many people find them to be cute creatures that are fun to watch in a park or other outdoor setting, these animals are also a well known pest especially when they invade your property. Squirrels will eat fruits and vegetables and chew their way into houses and other things, doing expensive damage to your home or property. There are ways, however, to keep squirrels away without harming them.


You will need the following tools to keep squirrels away from your garden or home:

  • Naphthalene flakes, bird seed, or bitter apple spray

  • A cat or a dog

  • A noise-making motion detector

  • Metal sheets


  1. Let your pet chase them off. An excellent way to keep squirrels away is to have a cat or a dog running free in the yard. Squirrels tend to avoid confrontations with them, as they see these animals as predators.

  2. Install a motion detector. A noise-maker that goes off whenever something enters the yard is an excellent squirrel repellent.

  3. Make it hard for them to infest trees. Wrap a metal band around the base of trees around the yard to keep squirrels away by preventing them from climbing.

  4. Close trash can lids. Seal off potential areas where squirrels may forage for food. This also includes closing grills and other places where squirrels may crawl into.

  5. Use mothballs. Sprinkling naphthalene flakes or using bitter apple spray will repel squirrels by making things unpalatable for them. Also, many types of bird seed contain pepper which will also keep squirrels away for the same reason.



  • Rabid squirrels are extremely rare. The odds of your dog encountering one are almost nonexistent.

  • Traps and poisons are rarely an effective or even legal means to keep squirrels away from your property. If there are food sources around then others will come to replace the ones that are killed. Plus, certain types of squirrels, such as the Western Gray squirrel, are protected and are illegal to kill.

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