How To Keep An Uncircumcized Penis Clean

One myth that goes around about uncircumcised penises is that they get dirty and gross quite easily, so you should learn how to keep an uncircumcised penis clean. Making sure that your foreskin is clean will also help you prevent any problems with infections you might get over the course of your life. The ladies might be intimidated by an uncircumcised penis, but as long as you keep clean and use it well, you will bust through any preconceived notions about an uncut penis.

Things you will need to keep an uncircumcised penis clean:

  • Unscented soap or soap for sensitive skin
  • Water
  • Washcloth
  1. Retract the foreskin slightly so that the glans, or head, is exposed. Do not pull back roughly on your foreskin or you may cause rips or tears. Do not retract your foreskin if it has not yet separated from the glans and shaft, a process which usually occurs by the time you are eighteen.
  2. Use soap and water to clean all areas of the penis, including under the foreskin. Use unscented soap or soap for sensitive skin if possible. Fragranced soaps may have chemicals that irritate the delicate skin of the glans or foreskin.
  3. Rinse your penis thoroughly, making sure all of the soap is washed off your penis and under the foreskin. You can facilitate this by lifting the foreskin away from your shaft. You do not want to leave any soap suds under the tissue.
  4. Pat the penis dry, again making sure that there is no water trapped under your foreskin. Water left behind isn't as irritating as soap, but it can still become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  5. Wash your penis every other day, unless you have reason to believe that it is getting dirty much faster than that. If you feel that the frequent scrubbing is having an adverse affect on your uncircumcised penis, try varying the time in-between washings. Get medical attention if you see any rips, tears or cysts on or under the foreskin, as you don't want them to get infected.
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