How To Keep Warm Snowboarding

It is important to know how to keep warm snowboarding. Snowboarding is a very cold sport where you spend a lot of time either sitting in the snow or feeling the wind hit your body as you carve your way down the mountain. Here are some simple, but important things that you need to remember in order to keep warm snowboarding.

To keep warm while snowboarding you will need:

  • gloves
  • coat
  • snow pants
  • socks
  • hat
  1. It is always better to dress in layers than to wear to heavy of clothes.  Layers provide more areas for your body heat to be trapped, keeping you warm.  It is also easier to remove layers if you do become too warm. If you just wear one heavy layer you will be stuck with that, whether you are too cold or too warm. Avoid clothing like heavy sweaters or jeans, they tend to make it hard to move while snowboarding.
  2. All you really need is one good warm pair of socks. You need to be able to move your toes in snowboarding, that is what helps you control the snowboard. If you are wearing too many pairs of socks you can't move your toes and your feet begin to sweat. Try investing in a pair of snowboarding socks, they are just the right length on your legs for your boots and they do an excellent job of keeping your feet warm.
  3. Wear a warm insulated and waterproof jacket. An insulated jacket will keep you plenty warm and block the wind from hitting you. You also want to make sure the jacket is waterproof because snow becomes really wet when you spend a lot of time in it.
  4. Wear snow pants that fit and that are also water proof and insulated. Remember not to buy a bulky jacket or snow pants, it is really difficult to move in this stuff even though it looks warm. You will be really surprised how warm you stay on the slopes as long as your jacket and snow pants are insulated and water proof.
  5. Don't forget the gloves and hat. You will use your hands a lot to adjust your bindings and to use the tow rope. Make sure your gloves are waterproof and have the extra grip patches where the gloves will touch the tow rope. A hat is also very important to remember, your head is where you loose most of your body heat. By wearing all these items you are sure to keep warm while snowboarding. 
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