How to Keep Warm Watching Indoor Ice Hockey

Watching Indoor Ice Hockey can be a unique experience. Keeping warm while watching a hockey game is essential to enjoying the game of hockey. The arena must be kept at a certain temperature in order to keep the ice from melting. Most ice hockey rinks are kept at a temperature around sixteen degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the ice is kept hard enough to skate on. Here are some tips on how to keep warm while watching an Indoor Ice Hockey match up:

  1. Dress in layers. Although it might be 50-60 degrees or higher outside, the temperature within the arena is going to be colder. Sweaters and layered clothing are all ways that will ensure that the body stays warm during an ice hockey game. These clothing items also can be removed if you become warmer throughout the game. Remember that the closer to the ice your seating is, the colder the temperature will be.
  2. Consider purchasing those hockey jersey replicas. It might not seem worth the money, but the hockey jerseys are very warm. The material is actually made to keep the body warm during a game. Purchasing one will allow a fan to show support for their team and stay warm at the same time.
  3. Wear mittens or gloves. Wearing mittens or gloves will allow the hands to stay warm in colder temperatures. If the hands are warm then, the rest of the body won't feel as cold. Think about buying a pair of gloves that match the colors of your favorite hockey team; this will add a bit of flare while keeping warm.
  4. Wear a hat. Wearing a sports cap or hat of some sort will allow the body to retain heat. Most of the heat from a body escapes through the top of the head.  A hat will allow that heat to be trapped and put back into the body. Buying a sports cap that matches the team will add a bit of support for that team.
  5. Drink something that is hot. Many indoor ice hockey rinks have concession stands. Consider purchasing coffee, tea, or hot chocolate instead of soda. The warmth of the liquid will keep a fan warmer during a hockey game then a cold drink will.


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