How To Keep White Running Shoes Clean

For those of you wondering how to keep white running shoes clean, you're in luck. Keeping those new shoes in like-new condition is probably easier than you think. By just being cautious and keeping a few things in mind, knowing how to keep white running shoes clean is a snap.

  1. Don't run in the mud. Part of knowing how to keep white running shoes clean is keeping an eye out for messy spots on your running route. Spots of mud will stain the white sheen on your shoes, and you don't want that to happen. Try not to run on rainy days. If you do, keep to the sidewalks.
  2. Clean your shoes after every session. Inevitably, your shoes will get a little dirty every time you run. Figuring out how to keep white running shoes clean, thankfully, is often as simple as dampening a towel with soap and water and wiping down your shoes shortly after you return from running. If you've got a particularly difficult spot on your shoe, don't be afraid to mix a little bleach with water and wipe the spot with that. Don't wait too long after a running session, however, or stains are more likely to form on your shoes.
  3. Store your shoes in a clean place. By keeping your shoes away from dust, dirt, and people who bring those things into a room, you won't have to worry about your shoes losing their luster. Many discovering how to keep white running shoes clean find that simply putting their shoes in a clean corner or in the back of a closet does a lot to keep them looking new.



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