How To Keg Beer

So, you would like to know how to keg beer? By kegging your own beer you can save a lot of time and money, and it is also a more practical way to serve beer to your friends and family. In this article today, we will walk you through the basics of kegging your own beer from home.

  1. Buy a Kegging System. The first thing you need to do when learning how to keg beer is to purchase a kegging system. You can find one either online or at your local brewery in town. The system includes a keg, a CO2 gas tank, pressure regulator and a couple of hoses. One of the hoses will submit CO2 directly into your keg inlet; the other hose will distribute the beer from your keg into the tap system. Kegs come in all sizes, but the most commonly used size is the five gallon, also known as the Cornelius keg. These complete keg systems usually run about 200.00 dollars and includes all of the properties listed above. Once you have purchased your kegging system, you will need to fill the CO2 tank with CO2 from a local brewery or a gas store.
  2. Filling Your Keg. Start filling your keg after cleaning by siphoning from your brewing fermenter. Once your keg is full, put the top cap on and pressurize the keg with the CO2 tank. While you are pressurizing your keg with CO2, make sure that you release any excess air by using the release valve on the top of the keg itself. Repeat this process about six times to make certain that all of the air has been released from your keg and has been replaced by CO2.. Once you have successfully pressurized your keg unit, you can store your system for many months for as long as there is no excess air in the system.
  3. Carbonation. Your keg system must be refrigerated under pressure in order to maintain proper carbonation. In order to assess the carbonation levels, place a thermometer inside of your refrigerator for a few hours and then check it. You can use a carbonation calculator by entering the volumes of CO2 levels that you desire( 2.4 is always a good level).Its also a good idea to check your carbonation levels periodically to make sure that they are neither too high or too low. Also, you will need to periodically check your lines for leaks if this is the first time that you are using this system.
  4. Enjoy Your Beer. Now that you have successfully learned how to keg beer, you can now enjoy your very own home-brewing system. You can also invite your family and friends over to enjoy fresh beer straight from the tap.
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