How To Keg Refill A Keg

Do you want to know how to refill a keg? Kegs are expensive pieces of equipment, therefore, if you own your own, reuse it as much as possible instead of purchasing a new one for every party or occasion.  Keep some basic guidelines in mind to learn the best way to refill a keg.

  1. Place the empty beer keg into a trunk or onto the flatbed of a pickup truck.  Bring a friend along with you for the ride, as it typically takes a couple of strong guys to lift a full beer keg.
  2. Drive to a nearby liquor store, making sure to bring along a government issued form of ID, such as your driver's license in order to prove that you are of legal drinking age.  Bring the empty beer keg to the counter of the liquor store, and tell the clerk or manager of the liquor store that it needs to be refilled. 
  3. Determine what type of beer will be best to fill the keg with.  Some liquor stores will allow you to do a quick tasting if you don't have a particular brand in mind–however if you are set on one type of beer, consider shopping around and visiting a number of liquor stores before making a final decision.  Prices can vary quite a bit from store to store, so it is important to find the deal that you think is best.  When choosing a beer, consider your target audience–if mostly women will be drinking the beer, keep in mind that they typically go for a lighter beer with a mild taste, while men lean more towards darker beers with strong flavors. 
  4. Wait for the beer keg to be refilledbe aware that this can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the store and the time of day. After you have paid for the beer, lift the keg back onto the bed of the truck on into the trunk of the car and secure with bungee cords, if you think it is necessary.  Once you get back to your destination, replace the tap on the keg, and enjoy a frosty brew!


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