How To Kill A Deer

The stalk adds to the anticipation, but if you want to finish the hunting job you're going to have to know how to kill a deer. After you've tracked that deer down for a while and are thinking about taking a shot, you have to take the necessary steps to ensure you don't come away empty handed. Basically, you must be prepared and know what you're doing before you do it. 

  1. Make sure you see your target and know the area you're shooting towards. The last thing you want is to accidentally wound a fellow hunter who could be in the vicinity of your target. Be careful and examine the area surrounding the deer to avoid hurting anyone in case you miss.
  2. Take the highest accuracy shot. The ideal way to kill a deer would be to shoot its broadside when it's facing you. Aim below the head in the chest area where the front legs meet, this is where it's most vulnerable. The head shot is a very difficult one and a miss could result in mortally wounding the deer and an agonizingly slow death.
  3. Whatever the case, always take the humane approach. If you don't have a very good view of the broadside, you can kill a deer from an angle as well. The best place to aim at is where the heart, lungs, and spine are. Shooting in this area will almost guarantee a one hit kill. You should, at all costs, avoid taking risky shots that could give the deer a chance at escaping; this is the most frowned upon ritual in hunting, severely wounding an animal resulting in a painful death.
  4. After you've taken a successful shot, scoop up your prize. After you've mortally wounded the deer, it shouldn't travel very far before it collapses. Make sure to double check that the deer is actually dead and not suffering. If it is still alive, quickly finish the job to put it out of its misery.

Just make sure you always keep in mind accuracy, ethics, distance, and bullet placement and you'll be able to kill a deer quickly and easily every time.


  • Identify the correct kill shots
  • Place yourself at a good angle and distance
  • Make sure your aim is accurate
  • Make the kill is quick and painless as possible
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