How To Kill The Final Boss In Doom 3

Believe it or not, figuring out how to kill the final boss in “Doom 3”is really a walk in the park. “Doom 3” is one of those first person shooters that sends you wave after wave of bad guys to kill. If you don’t learn how to kill efficiently, by the time you make it to a boss, you’re scrambling to survive. So, in order to kill a boss in “Doom 3” you need to be preparing to deal with the chief demon of an area long before you reach him. The final boss in “Doom 3” is no different. Here’s the best way to go about killing the final boss in “Doom 3”.

  1. Knowing who to kill. Like any other shooter, killing the right enemies in “Doom 3” will reward you with the necessary goodies to kill bigger and badder foes. Well, you’ll know you’re reaching the end of the game when you reach the Cavern area 1. There’s a truck load of bad guys to kill. If you’ve made it to this point, you should know how to destroy each one of them. You should also have some pretty heavy duty fire power. You have one of two choices in this area. Use your heavier weapons, i.e rocket launchers and such to obliterate everyone quickly. Or, you can systematically destroy each monster based on their respective weaknesses. The Imps and zombies are easy, so when you confront them, your handgun or shotgun can handle them quickly. When you reach the Cacodemons, wraiths and other stronger enemies, the heavier weaponry will work well. Do it how you want, but don’t fail to collect the power ups, weapons and other prizes in this area.
  2. The Caverns, part 2. Reaching the second area for the caverns in “Doom 3” will be a simple matter of doing more of the same. Be as efficient as possible by exploiting each demon’s weakness. Use your rocket launcher to handle the stronger demons that have the potential to cause you the most damage. More importantly, make sure to collect as many health packets, and ammo as you can.
  3. Knowing how to kill. This is it. You’ve reached the final boss in “Doom 3”. After getting through the cut scenes and maneuvering down the dark path (while collecting as many items as you can), you have to face the Cyberdemon. Yeah, yeah, he looks scary. But he has a pattern and weaknesses just like any other enemy. Use the soul cube item to kick his ass. Let his minions charge up the cube. Kill the minions, then use the cube on him. Wash, rinse, repeat.  Make sure to avoid the attacks of course, and you’ll be fine.
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