How To Kill Moles

There are only a few proven methods on how to kill moles, but there are many myths. One of the most popular myths is to kill the grubs in the soil because moles eat grubs.  A mole’s diet consists mostly of earthworms, so treating the lawn with a grub control isn’t going to get rid of or kill moles. Neither is using human hair, gas bombs or poison peanuts. Trying any of these methods will only drain your wallet and leave you mowing around those unsightly raised ridges and brown spots in your pristine lawn.

To kill a mole you will need:

  • Bait containing bromethalin
  • An active burrow
  • Shovel
  1. Locate a burrow that is actively being used by a mole. Poke small holes in three or four areas of the burrow with your finger or remove part of it with a shovel. If it gets rebuilt or raised within twenty four hours, it is an active burrow and can be used.
  2. Make a hole, about two to four inches on top of the burrow and drop in the bait. Carefully place a large rock or sod over the hole, making sure not to collapse it.
  3. The poisoned bait should take two to four days to kill moles. Properly dispose of unused bait or any dead mole.

Remember to check the rules of your state before using bait or traps for moles. The use of poison bait is most effective during the winter when insects are less available. Make sure that the bait is underground because it can be dangerous to other animals if consumed.

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