How To Kill RAAM In Gears Of War

Learning how to kill RAAM in Gears of War is undoubtedly one the hardest and more frustrating parts of the game.  With a good strategy and game plan, however, defeating General RAAM is definitely possible.  Listed below are the best ways to kill RAAM whether you're playing Gears of War by yourself or with a friend.

In single player mode:

  1. Stock up on weapons.  Before you can kill RAAM, you have to get the right guns.  Your best bets will be the Torque Bow, Lancer, and grenades.  If you stick around for a few minutes before going into battle the guns should regenerate, allowing you to pick up more ammo.
  2. Take cover.  Get out of the car and make your way to the cement block on the far right.  This will be the safest place for you to take cover and begin your quest to kill RAAM.  He will start to come near you and should get stuck.  If he doesn't run around in a circle, return to this position and try again.
  3. Hit RAAM with a Torque Bow Shot to the chest.
  4. Switch to the Lancer and unload a full round at RAAM.  Load the Lancer before doing anything else.
  5. Bring the Torque Bow back and do the same thing all over again.
  6. Keep this process going until you have killed RAAM.  If neccesary, bounce grenades at his feet to open him up for a shot.

To kill RAAM in Gears of War on co-op mode, follow these steps.

  1. Have one player get the Torque Bow and the other get the Longshot.  You will need both of these guns to create the most effective offense to kill RAAM.
  2. Split up.  Don't follow each other around.  Stay on different sides of RAAM so he has more to keep track of.
  3. Have the player with the Torque Bow shoot RAAM in the chest.  This will open him up and clear off his cover of Kryll.
  4. While RAAM is uncovered, shoot him repeatedly with the Longshot.  Getting perfect reloads should allow you to get two or three shots in between every Torque Bow blast.
  5. Keep shooting back and forth until you are able to kill RAAM.

It isn't easy to kill RAAM in Gears of War, but it is extremely satisfying.  If you enter the fight without a plan, you'll end up dead faster than you can say "chain gun."  Use these strategies, however, and you will be able to experience the victorious feeling of defeating this difficult opponent.

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