How To Kill Stink Bugs

If you live on the East coast of the US, you're probably thinking ahead as the weather warms and looking for a way to kill stink bugs. Accidentally imported into the US in the late 1990s, these miserably stinky bugs have no natural predator (who would touch them?!) so their numbers continue to grow. First found in Pennsylvania, stink bugs are taking over the whole East coast and have now been reported as far West as California. There's almost no structure that is immune from stink bugs. The following information will at least help you control them, sort of.

  1. Learning how to kill stink bugs is a fine art if you don't want their horrible smell to permeate your hands and clothes. One of the best ways to kill stink bugs is to sneak up on them with a wad of toilet tissue. Lightly surround the nasty bug and, without touching the area in the toilet paper where he or she currently resides, twist the side to contain the bug. One of the only saving graces about stink bugs is that they move s-l-o-w so it won't be a problem catching them. Throw the toilet paper and stink bug into the toilet. You don't have to flush each time you put a bug in the toilet as they can't get out and the water quells their stink. Flush when you've collected all you need to get out of your house.
  2. If you have a true infestation of stink bugs on your walls and ceiling, you can use an aerosol pyrethrum fogger. Simply place the fogger in the middle of the room, set it and forget it! The stink bugs present when the fogger is in use will die, however, note: the use of a fogger is only good until the room is opened again and air flows through it. Simply fogging a room will not keep future infestations of stink bugs from occurring.
  3. You can use a vacuum to capture and destroy stink bugs. The problem though with using a vacuum is that the smell of the bugs will remain in the vacuum for quite a while. If you do choose to use this method to kill stink bugs, immediately empty the vacuum bag after each vacuuming.
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