How To Kill Unwanted Aspen Trees

Learning how to kill unwanted Aspen trees can save you a bundle of money, as this can be a very costly service to hire someone for. Aspen trees can be hard to control because they have a prolific root system. Aspens can sprout new growth from anywhere along the roots so you have to make sure you get them all.

To learn how to kill unwanted Aspen tress, you will need:

  • A herbicide containing the chemical triclopyr
  • A Chainsaw
  • A shovel
  • An axe
  1. Carefully cut down the tree with a Chainsaw. If the tree is very large, enlist the aid of a friend or neighbor so you don't become injured. Make sure the surrounding area is clear of cars, tools, pets, and children before you start. When learning how to kill unwanted Aspen trees, caution should be used when the tree falls.
  2. To get rid of the tree stump, spray the herbicide Brush-B-Gone (not Weed-B-Gone) or an equivalent with the chemical triclopyr onto the freshly cut stump immediately. You cannot wait to spray the herbicide or it will not work. If you are just trying to get rid of a stump, or for some reason you have to wait to use the spray, then you have to cut a layer off the top of the stump before applying the herbicide.
  3. For any sprouts you see popping up, cut them down and spray the freshly cut area with the herbicide. You may find these at a distance from the parent tree because of how the roots spread. For every new sprout you see coming up, do the same thing. Knowing how to kill unwanted Aspen trees can be time consuming if new sprouts keep coming up.
  4. To remove the dead stump, you will need to dig until the roots are exposed, then chop them with the axe until they're free from the soil. Continue this until all the roots are out and the stump pulls away freely. If the stump is very large you may need to rent a stump grinder or a back hoe to get it out. Instructions on how to kill unwanted Aspen trees will work on most unwanted trees.

When learning how to kill unwanted Aspen trees, never spray herbicides on windy days. You could end up harming or even killing surrounding plants.


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