How To Kiss With Braces

Learn how to kiss well even with braces. This is almost funny to think about, but completely understandable. Kissing with braces is usually something teenage guys and girls are concerned about. But even adults have concerns about it if they wind up getting braces as adults. Some women may find a little charm in a guy who has braces as an adult. Don't let the braces get you down. Here are some tips on getting a great kiss even with braces.

  1. Fresh breath, even with braces. If possible, try to brush your teeth before the possible kiss. The last thing you want to have happen is going to kiss her and having bad breath. Or worse, having any food caught in your braces.
  2. Soft lips and clean braces. Make sure your lips are soft and moisturized with some chapstick before you kiss her. After eating floss or rinse your teeth so there is no food stuck in the wires or on the brackets. Food on braces during a kiss is gross. There are flossers made for braces to help you with this.
  3. The kiss itself. Once you have your braces in check think about how you'll kiss her. Just like with regular kissing, make sure your lips land on her face and not your braces. Try to keep as much lip on her and as little of your braces as possible. Try to relax. You are not likely to have any problems with braces getting connected since she probably doesn't have braces herself.
  4. Odds of hurting her. The other concern is poking her while you kiss. As long as you keep your lips on her and your braces out of the kiss as much as possible you shouldn't cut or scrape her mouth at all. Now if you both wind up enjoying the kiss enough to throw tongue in, you are kind of on your own.
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