How To Kiss Girlfriend’s Neck

When you are trying to turn your girlfriend on, you should know how to kiss your girlfriends neck. There are many ways to go about doing this passionate deed. You should always be passionate and show your sensitive side. This will help you to get her turned on and maybe get further in your relationship.

  1. Find her sensitive spots. The first part of making sure you kiss your girlfriends neck properly is finding the spots she finds the most sensitive. Most women love the part of the neck closer to the collar bone. If you explore her neck to find what she likes best, you will know by her reaction. Once you find the right spot, keep focusing on it.
  2. Kiss her with a closed wet mouth. At first you may want to start out kissing your girlfriends neck with closed wet kisses. Although this seems childish, it will feel really great. You will see that it arouses her. She will like your mouth kissing on her neck without tongue at first.
  3. Use your tongue. After you have showed her how great you can turn her on without your tongue, start using it. You can try licking on her neck while kissing her. This will really turn her on. She will like the wet licking of your tongue all over her neck. It is sensitive and passionate.
  4. Try sucking on her neck. Although hickeys are not a delight to look at, sucking on her neck will be very enjoyable for her. This is probably the most enjoyable part of getting kissed on the neck. It will turn her on tremendously.
  5. Use your hands. When you are kissing on her neck, use your hands as well. While you are kissing her, stroke her neck passionately. The stroking of your hands with your sweet and smooth kisses will please her in many ways.
  6. Be creative and have fun. If you find something she really likes, stick with it. You can try out different techniques while kissing her neck. Try using your tongue and stroking her neck. While kissing he neck remember to just have fun. This can be very pleasurable for both of you.
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