How To Kiss Her Breast

Understanding how to kiss her breast is important if you hope to please and stimulate a woman. For women, breasts play an important part in sexual stimulation. Properly caressing, sucking and kissing them during foreplay is essential. Unfortunately, for many men, breasts, just like other parts of the female anatomy, remain a bit of an enigma. Handle them too rough and she will cringe in agony; handle them too lightly and she will wonder why you are even trying. To avoid this, consider trying out a few of these tips regarding how to kiss her breast.

  1. Start at the farthest point from the nipple. When you kiss a breast, you cannot just start at the nipple and begin sucking; this is something more akin to breast feeding, which is not sexually arousing at all. Instead, start on the outer half. Gentle kiss, lick and lightly suck the area surrounding her breast and the outer part, including the underside.
  2. Be slow, gentle and seductive. Once you start kissing the breast, do not just give a few light pecks and move on. You want to be slow and deliberate. It is more like a tease. You are building up the woman’s excitement and her anticipation.
  3. Work your way slowly to her nipple. As you gently kiss, nibble and suck her breast, you will want to slowly work towards the areola, which is the dark area directly surrounding the nipple, as well as the nipple itself. Remember, you are building up excitement. You will be able to tell if she is turned on because her nipple will begin to stiffen and harden.
  4. Continue to tease. Once you reach the area the on her breast containing the areola and nipple, you have two options: you can begin lightly sucking, kissing and licking this area with the tip of your tongue, or you can switch over and begin to kiss the other breast. Both have benefits. Switching to the other breast increases her anticipation and will ultimately increase pleasure. Diving right in and sucking and licking the areola and nipple will give her immediate pleasure.
  5. Suck, kiss and caress harder. Here you will need to gauge your actions by her reactions. Every woman likes her breasts to be handled differently, so just go with the flow. Still, you will want to begin kissing and sucking a little harder. You are no longer teasing; you are full out kissing her breasts.
  6. Play with the nipple with you tongue. Once you are fully engaged in her nipple, experiment with what turns her on. Try sucking the nipple while simultaneously flicking it with your tongue. You can also just try lightly running your tongue along the outside of the areola and nipple itself.
  7. Try multitasking. While you are kissing her breast, you can also let your hands explore other parts of her body. Of course, this requires a lot of concentration and is not advisable for the inexperienced. 
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