How To Kiss With A Tongue Ring

If you have a tongue ring, you might be wondering how to kiss with a tongue ring. Perhaps you're newly pierced or maybe your girl is the one with the new jewels in her mouth. Either way, the main points to remember are disclosure, hygiene and pleasure. After all, why would you pierce yourself if not for bragging rights and fun? Read on to learn how to kiss with a tongue ring.

  1. Keep your mouth clean. Before delving into how to kiss with a tongue ring, make sure your mouth is clean. You should receive instructions on how to maintain your tongue ring as well as proper oral hygiene when you get pierced. Keep your mouth clean and kissable!
  2. Tell your girl. Disclosure is part of how to kiss with a tongue ring. No matter how cool your new stud is, some women aren't turned on by thoughts of metal in your mouth. Be sure to tell her before locking lips. If nothing else, you'll score points for being honest.
  3. Proceed with caution. Part of how to kiss with a tongue ring is finding out if she has one, too. Be careful when kissing and ask (or look) to see if that cool chick sports a ring in her mouth, too. Ending up with a tongue ring twist may not be much fun.
  4. Use a gentle touch. One of the joys of kissing with a tongue ring is using it to your advantage. However, remember to be gentle when kissing other areas besides her mouth. Use a soft touch-tongue rings are objects of pleasure, not pain.
  5. Open your mind. Knowing how to kiss with a tongue ring means using your imagination. Have fun kissing and be playful. Many women are turned on by the idea of kissing a man with a tongue ring. As long as everyone consents, go for the gusto!
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