How To Kiss Your Girlfriend On The Lips Passionately

In every relationship a man should know how to kiss your girlfriend on the lips passionately. Passionate kissing can be very pleasurable for both people. It can show that you are extremely interested in the woman and turn her on.

  1. Have minty fresh and clean breathe. The first and most important thing when kissing any way is making sure your breathe is clean. You will want to make sure you smell good and that you will taste good to her. Make sure you have brushed and used mouth wash before trying out kissing.
  2. Start out slowly. Do not come in with a hard core passionate kiss. Start out slowly. You will want to try out simple kissing before you try out passionate kisses. Try kissing her on the check. Then try just giving her a peck kiss on the lips. If you see she is still interested and wants more, then proceed.
  3. Pull your girlfriend in closely. If you want to kiss her passionately you will want to be close to do so. You can try hugging her and then going in for the kiss. If you can not get into the hugging position. Put your arm around her and try kissing her that way. This will make her feel comfortable and secure with you.
  4. Close your eyes, but do not keep them closed. If you are kissing someone and staring at them, it could possibly scare them away. Try closing your eyes and opening them every little bit. You do want to make sure you are still on their lips. This will be more passionate if you kiss with your eyes closed.
  5. Put your hands in the right spots. When you start to kiss, you will want to make sure your hands are in the appropriate place. Try putting your hands in your girlfriends hair or on the back of her neck. This will feel even more passionate.
  6. Open your mouth slightly and use some tongue. To start kissing, lean into your and open your mouth slightly. You do not want to open your mouth fully or she will feel like you are trying to swallow her. Use your tongue, but do not stick it down her throat. Make sure you are both comfortable and kiss her passionately. Holding her hair, with your tongue flicking in her mouth, is passionate and a great turn on for women and men.
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