How To Knee Drop Dance

Learning how to knee drop dance isn’t tough, but doing it correctly and without hurting yourself is the hardest thing to accomplish. If you don’t do the knee drop dance correctly you can really injure yourself, and if you continue to do it incorrectly you could suffer serious injuries down the road. So if you are going to do the knee drop dance, you should be around a professional who can teach you the safest way to perform this dance, and teach you correctly.

To knee drop dance, you will need:

  • Knee pads
  • Lots of practice
  • A strong lower body
  • A wall, or barre, for resistance
  1. Learning how to knee drop dance can be very difficult for a beginner. To learn how to do this drop to your knees correctly without hurting yourself, you should use knee pads and get lots of practice. Lots of practice will strengthen the body parts you need to do this drop and the knee pads will break your fall to the ground.
  2. Having a strong lower body will help you learn the knee drop dance, but that’s not the only thing you need to do this dance. You need control of your body, and what it’s going to do next. You need to learn how to do the knee drop dance slowly before you can do it correctly and fast, so be patient with the process.
  3. You should use a wall or a barre for resistance when you initially learn the knee drop dance, and practice often. Standing straight up both your shoulders and heels against the wall or hand on the barre. Bend your knees forward slightly as you go to fall, using the wall as your resistance point for your shoulders. Do not tuck your butt under or use your hands to break your fall because you can seriously injure your hands as well, and you have knee pads on to do that.

Now that you have learned how to knee drop dance, practice and practice again. This technique is used in many forms of dance, and is loved by many unless done incorrectly, so make sure you are perfect before you perform in front of people. Enjoy yourself while learning this technique and make sure not to push it, you will get it!

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