How To Knock Someone Out Boxing

In order to finish your opponent and win your match, you will need to learn how to knock someone out boxing.  Knocking someone out involves varying levels of work and abilities depending on your opponent.  If you can box and wear down your opponent, you will be able to knock someone out in an upcoming boxing match.

  1. Wear your opponent down.  Wearing your opponent down can take a variety of approaches.  It may take time or perhaps some power for a weaker opponent, yet you need to find a way to weaken him.
  2. Work the body.  Taking away the body is one great way to wear your opponent down for the knock out.  This will also take away your opponent's legs so that he won't be able to last as long.
  3. Set him up.  You will be able to knock your opponent out if you can set him up for a combination or power punch.  Get him in the corner, on his heels, or take advantage of his weaknesses.  Find a way to set him up for the knock out.
  4. Land power punches and combinations.  The average knock out in boxing involves a swarm of combinations, with different power punches coming from both sides.  You will need to place some power punches that land, and some combinations that affect him.
  5. Stay persistent.  Your attack needs to be persistent so that you can keep momentum and hold the pressure on him.  While there may be no urgent hurry, consistent pressure will surely break your opponent down for the knockout in the right situation.
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