How To Knock Someone Out With One Punch

It is difficult to learn how to knock someone out with one punch because fighting is not easy. A one punch knockout is usually either a lucky shot or a nasty blow delivered by someone serious who actually knows what they are doing. It is always wiser to turn the other cheek but if a confrontation is unavoidable, you should go for the quickest resolution.

To knock someone out with one punch, you will need:

  • Decent upper body strength
  • Maybe a roll of quarters


  1. Brain pan. Knockouts are caused by rotational force slapping your brain against your skull. If your brain wobbles, it will cause a loss of motor skills and possibly unconsciousness. Draw a line from the corner of your mouth to your chin. If you strike that area hard enough, the head will spin violently which will rattle your brain and cause a knockout. Any shot to the chin will work but the most effective one is an uppercut punch.
  2. Tried and true. To throw an uppercut, keep your arm close to your body with the elbow bent and your wrist curled towards your chest. Step forward as you punch and use your shoulders to launch the shot upwards. Keep your arm curled and wrist bent for maximum force.
  3. Lucky shot. Temple shots are also effective but much harder to pull off. There are many martial arts techniques that have you using one knuckle but if you have large hands, go for the hay maker. Anything that rattles the brain will cause a knockout. But remember, the temple shot is ugly for so many reasons. Most likely it will result in a glancing blow leaving you wide open for an ass kicking.
  4. Cheater. To knock someone out with one punch, you may need some help. People who live in rough neighborhoods have all sorts of self defense items that can be easily explained to a police officer. A roll of quarters is for laundry and also a quick way to end a fight. Clench one of these and punch someone in the chin and they will never know what happened. The bad part is this really hurts your hand but some bruised knuckles are always better than a serious beating.

Tips: Fighting is an ugly thing that can result in serious injury or even death. Even if you are a badass, always try and avoid a fight whenever possible. Going to jail sucks. For self defense purposes, a one punch knockout is actually a long shot. A solid kick to the balls or open palm nose strike is more effective. Both of these will give you a few seconds to either run or finish off your opponent. If you suck at fighting and sense an inevitable beating, go for the first shot. If the guy sees your blow coming, he will tense up which will diminish the power. But if you catch him off guard, you might actually knock him out. Try suddenly striking him in the middle of one of your sentences.


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