How To Know Battery Is Dead In A Jaguar

Anyone with basic knowledge of automobiles will be able to learn how to know a battery is dead in a Jaguar. Jaguars are considered luxury automobiles, but the basic things needed to operate a Jaguar are the same as any other car. A dead battery in a Jaguar has exactly the same signs as a dead battery in say a Ford Focus. This article is going to examine the different signs associated with a dead battery in a Jaguar. You ready? Buckle your seat belts because we're going nowhere fast. Especially, if you own a Jaguar with a dead battery.

Things you'll need:

  • Jumper cables
  1. Preliminary indicators The first signs you motorists will see when the battery is dead is absolutely no electrical power in the car. If you have automatic locks, you won't be able to unlock them with your key remote. When you manually open the door, the door lights won't turn on. The center light on the under side of the roof will also be out. You won't even hear that annoying little ding noise that a lot of cars make when you open the driver side door. When you stick the key in the ignition and attempt to start your Jaguar, the dashboard will not illuminate. All of these signs could mean your battery is dead.
  2. Look under the hood Although it's not common, the connectors running to the battery might be loose. Pop the hood, which isn't controlled by the battery, and make sure the battery is properly connected. If the connectors look loose, tighten them up. Check the car to see if any of the lights popped back on. If so, you're battery probably isn't dead. If the car's still lifeless, there's a good chance your Jaguar's battery is dead.
  3. One last thing There's one more test. Get someone to jump your car. If the battery holds a charge, it means the battery was dead. Remember, you should change car batteries every three years or so. Also remember to turn of your lights when you get out of the car. If the battery isn't holding a charge, you've just been tipped off to a more annoying car issue. There's a chance your alternator is bad. There's only one way to be sure. You're going to need to run a diagnostic test on the battery and the alternator. The good news is most of those big name neighborhood car shops will test the alternator and battery for free. The bad news is the pain in the butt it'll be trying to get your car there.
  4. The testing If the alternator can hold a charge, you're in the clear. You'll just have to replace the battery. If the alternator is blown and you don't know how to change it yourself, you're going to be paying for parts and labor.
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