How To Know A Boss Likes You

If you want to stay in your boss' good graces, you need to understand how to know a boss likes you. A boss that stays angry with you—or worse, is indifferent to you—will not have your best career objectives in mind. If you know your boss likes you, you have a better chance of gaining favorable leverage on the job and possibly promotions and raises.

  1. Notice the way your boss talks to you. Does he speak to you like an equal, shout at you or talk to you like an unintelligent underling? If you have a boss who engages you in discussions to get your opinions, you know the boss likes you for your intelligence and your contributions at work.
  2. Pay attention to how much responsibility you are given. You will know that your boss likes you if you are often given important tasks. A boss who doesn't trust you will take away the important part of your tasks and give them to people who are more trusted.
  3. You will know the boss likes you by the interest he shows in your ideas. When you present ideas, are they listened to, or dismissed? An esteemed employee is one whom everyone stops and listens to. If you are never given the opportunity to give your input at work, your boss may not like you.
  4. Are you ever invited to social events or after-work drinks? Many bosses do engage favored employees in after-work social activities. You will know whether your boss likes you if you are asked to socialize with your boss and other employees in a non-work setting.
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