How To Know To Go On A Third Date

Figuring out how to know to go on a third date is similar to knowing if she's still interested. If your woman is interested, then it is your job to know to go on a third date. The third outing is critical to the status of your relationship. Starting your love interest out on a good foot begins with the first three dates. Hence, when you go on a third date, make it a good one.

  1. Look to the second date for clues. Yes, even as sophisticated as humans are, we still give off nonverbal cues to our intentions. During the second date, your partner will either be excited, neutral, apathetic, or hostile. Perhaps obviously, a woman who is very aggressive or hostile is not someone who is interested in a third date. Don't even bother with these people. "Apathetic" partners don't seem very interested in what you are saying; while these people are salvageable (usually by engaging them in interesting talk), there might be relationship problems. Neutral and excited people are very good matches, and will showcase their excitement of being around you on the second date.
  2. Understand that some people just aren't meant to be. If your woman isn't very compatible with you (i.e. you're fun, and she is serious) then don't bother. Ever heard the phrase "there's plenty of fish in the sea"? Well, that applies in the dating world very much. Don't constrain yourself to one specific person, and don't bother making something work that's already broken.
  3. Search for the "right moves" when around that special someone. Fidgeting with an item, such as hair, a bracelet, or arm, is an indicator of anxiousness and possible interest. Of course, she could just be nervous from the environment, but usually this is a good indicator of attraction (i.e. "you give me butterflies"). Smiling with gentle eye contact is a "right move". Also, touching has been described as the most accurate indicator of potential interest with people. If you want to know to go on a third date, look for the hidden messages.
  4. Finally, understand that "too busy" ruins everything. Even if all of the above are in check, if you potential future boyfriend/girlfriend isn't responding to you, or always too busy, then it's over. When you are interested enough to go on a third date, you make time out of your day. Granted, sometimes people really are "too busy" to go on a third date on a given time, but after three strikes, she is out!

Bottom line, when it comes to whether you know to go on a third date, most people are oblivious. Obvious cues will be given by your partner, indicating whether or not they want to go on on a third date, but if you don't pay attention, you could easily be embarrassed. Avoid the anxiety and get to know your mate, so that way both of you will understand if it is prudent to go on a third date.

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