How To Know If Bisexual Males Are Hitting On You

When trying to determine if bisexual males are hitting on you your head may start to fill with a bunch of wild ideas. You may begin to imagine things happening such as him looking at you in an odd way or maybe he even checked out your package. Something as innocent as grabbing a beer with a bisexual male could turn into a guessing game if you don't know the signs to look for.

  1. Look for sexual assertiveness. Generally when a male is hitting on you he will try to be manly. He will talk about his sexual experience and escapades as a way to impress you. This goes above and beyond the normal sex talk that most men do. He wants to see how you will react to his sexual behavior and try to open you up to talk about yours. He may say things like my last partner instead of specifically saying girlfriend or boyfriend. Or he may talking about specific aspects of a girl to see your reaction. He may say she had large breasts or that she shaved down there to gauge your response to the topics.
  2. Touching. As a rule, men do not touch when talking to each other. When a bisexual male is hitting on you, he may touch your arm or lean into you while talking. Be sure to move away if this makes you feel uncomfortable or politely let him know he is entering you personal space area.
  3. Watch his eyes. When a male is hitting on you, he will maintain eye contact for a longer period of time. He will also slip sideways glances in your direction to check you out and to see if you are watching him. If you are around a mirror you may catch him checking out your reflection instead of his.
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