How To Know If A Gay Man Is Hitting On Me

Knowing whether or not a gay man is hitting on you is important to know because you want to know how to handle the situation if it arises. If you are uninterested in the fact that a man is hitting on you, you want to know so you can politely let him down. If you are interested, you want to know what to watch for when a gay man is hitting on you so you can hit on him back!

  1. Watch for cue words. Cue words include pet names such as "babe", "baby", "honey", "sweety" and anything you would use to call someone you are attracted to. Surprisingly, it is easy to miss this signal. It is easy to take the words as sarcasm or joking, so pay attention and watch for these words!
  2. Watch for compliments. Everyone loves compliments. That is why we use them on people we are attracted to because we want them to like us back. You will want to pay attention to compliments that are made to you by other men and be wary that they may be hitting on you. Of course, not every man that compliments you is gay. Compliments are a nice gesture and the man complimenting should not be automatically categorized as gay for giving them. However, compliments including words like sexy, hot, attractive, or any other words that could be taken sexually should be a red flag.
  3. Watch for physical advances. If a gay man has been hitting on you and you haven’t indicated to him that you are not interested, he may make advances on you thinking that it is okay. If it is okay, then by all means, enjoy. However, if you have misread his other signals and he has begun to be physical, you should politely turn him down and not lead him on. Nicely let him know that you are interested in women, and continue talking about something else. You don’t want to be offensive, but you do want to make sure you do not lead him on because that could be even more hurtful.

Whether interested or not, you want to know whether or not a man is hitting on you so you can react. Either way, make sure your reaction is subtle and polite. Being too strong in your reaction can be hurtful and embarrassing to both of you. So, keep your cool and plan ahead so you know how to act in the situation that you are being hit on by a gay man.

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