How To Know If A Girl Wants To Kiss You

If you're wondering how to know if a girl wants to kiss, these steps will make it easier to read her signals. Guys often approach the decision to kiss or not with much anxiety. Simply equipping yourself with the ability to read clear, non verbal signs from your girl can save you from making the wrong move and living with regret.

  1. She stares at your lips a lot. When you find that a girl is staring at your lips and pursing hers, this is a sure sign that she is thinking of what it must be like to kiss you. Be cautious in your approach. Don't suddenly bombard her with a kiss upon noticing her desire. Slowly approach her and note if she responds by continuing to stare at your lips. If she does then you can proceed in gracing her with your kiss.
  2. She licks her lips. If the girl you dating is constantly licking her lips, this is a sign that she is more than likely fighting the urge to kiss you. You can respond by focusing on her lips and letting her know you share the urge to kiss.
  3. She begins to converse about kiss related topics. If your date suddenly steers the conversation in the direction of topics pertaining to kissing this is a sure sign she wants a kiss from you. Is she talking about how she has never had a great kiss? is she revealing to you that she appreciates a great kisser? If so it's time to pucker up and grace her with your kiss.
  4. Does she respond to your attempt. if you find yourself moving closer to her and she responds by doing the same you can assume she wants to be kissed by you. To avoid any misreading of her desire, be sure that other non verbal signs are present before going in for the kiss.
  5. She appears to be pausing or expecting something. If at the end of the date you find that your girl is pausing and appearing to be waiting for something from you, she is more than likely waiting for you to plant a kiss on her lips. Be sure that there is no other reason for her apparent pausing and expectant state. 
  6. Read her body language. Is she moving closer to you? Is she flirting and smiling at you? When you attempt to move closer to her does she welcome it? If she is not appearing uncomfortable and putting space in between the two of you then it is assumed that you can proceed in kissing her. If a majority of the non-verbal signs are present you are not likely to read her wanting a kiss wrong. Approach the kiss gently and slowly. Women like it when you take your time in such matters.
  7. Ask her if she wants to be kissed. Asking a girl if she wants a kiss may not be as popular, but there is a time and a place for it. If you find that you are having difficulty reading her non verbal signs correctly, asking for a kiss can be a great option. How you ask is key and is the determining factor in the response she gives you. Be creative in how you ask. Be sure you ask in a way that puts her at ease. Asking for a kiss can take the awkwardness out of the equation and make way for an awesome kiss.
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