How To Know If I’m Having Appendix Problems

If you feel ill, you may be thinking, "I wish I knew how to know if I'm having appendix problems." If you are wondering whether you are having appendix problems, you probably should go to the doctor. All medical advice columns naturally come with a "Thou shalt not sue" disclaimer, and that was it. Plus, appendicitis can prove fatal if left untreated. But if you are the curious sort who enjoys cataloging medical woes and symptoms to feed your own neurosis, then read on!

To know if you are having appendix problems, you will need:

  • An actual doctor
  • Not the internet
  1. Check the location of the pain. One of the most common signs of appendix problems occurs around your belly button and spreads out to your lower right side. But not always. Sometimes this is caused by too much pizza, and sometimes your appendix is in dire need of removal. A bad sign is if the pain increases with any movement or coughing.
  2. Identify the type of pain. People who describe the pain associated with appendix problems all offer up different descriptions. Some were nauseous to the point of vomiting, many felt gassy and bloated and others barely felt anything at all. But almost everyone agreed the pain was different and unlike any other stomach pain they ever felt. If your stomach is sore for more than four hours, go see a doctor. If the pain is intense, go to the hospital.
  3. Recognize the potential variations. Not all appendix problems are the same, which is another good reason to go to the doctor if you are unsure. Pregnant women and children under two may not feel pain on the lower right side because of the way their organs are situated. To make matters even more complicated, some people have their appendix located a little more off to the side. They will suffer from side pain rather than pain below and to the right of the belly button.
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