How To Know If My Girlfriend Is Dumping Me

If you're insecure about your relationship, you may be thinking, "I need to know how to know if my girlfriend is dumping me." Sometimes men know something is off about a relationship for no apparent reason, arising from that sixth sense. Other times, men are clueless about when they're about to be dumped by their girlfriends. If you feel your girlfriend is going in another direction, review these helpful signs.

  1. She's establishing distance. In most relationships, we have a routine and know the amount of days out of the week we see a significant other, and if your girlfriend is dumping you, she will spend less time seeing you. If you always talk on the phone, text or chat online, and all forms of communication suddenly came to a halt, then unless she is super busy or got into a serious accident, there is a problem.
  2. She makes excuses. When your girlfriend has decided that she is dumping you, she will make thousands of excuses for why she can't see you. She'll be too tired, have to clean the house, or worse, be making time for everyone but you. If she is running from you rather than towards you, watch out.
  3. Plans that you make always go wrong. Women in love enjoy spending time with their boyfriends, and want to hang out with their man every chance they get. When your girlfriend is considering dumping you, she'll never be able to make it when you want to spend Friday night at the movies or cook her favorite dinner. Then you're left to wonder where she is occupying her time, and that isn't a great sign. She'll soon be dumping you.
  4. She picks useless fights. Everything seemed to go right when you were hanging out in the past with your girlfriend, but now she is throwing hissy fits and starting arguments with you for no apparent reason, all the time. At this point, she is most likely trying to make an excuse as to why you annoy her and figure out a way to get out of the relationship.
  5. You're more like roommates than lovers. Giving your girlfriend a simple peck on the cheek or a hug may repulse her if she's thinking of dumping you. If making love or making out seems like an obligation rather than fun and passion, you might get dumped soon.

If you experience any signs that are out of character from your girlfriend, find a way to talk to her. Ask her to be clear about the relationship and where you two are heading.

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