How to Know If She’s The One

Have you been wondering how to know if she’s the one?  Consider asking yourself such questions as these.  Your answer can be an indication to the answer you have been searching.

  1. Do you think about her at odd times? Does she pop in your mind when you should be working?  Do you think about her before you go to sleep at night?
  2. Do you smile when you say her name? Do you find yourself saying her name or talking about her a lot?
  3. Are you happy when you are with her? Does she make you happy? Do you feel alive and yet content when she is near?
  4. Can you be yourself around her? Can you act like yourself and not have to put on airs or have to be on all the time for her?
  5. Can you really talk to her? Can you talk about the everyday stuff as well as the hard stuff with her? Can you talk with her and feel like she isn’t judging you?
  6. Do you enjoy having sex with her? Can you enjoy also spending time with her, even if you aren’t having sex? Yes, to have a good relationship you must enjoy the sex part of it. However, it shouldn’t just be about sex. You should also enjoy some time together that isn’t sexual in nature.
  7. Does she like your friends? Does she understand that men need time with their friends?
  8. Can she relate to your family? Can she get along with your family? She doesn’t have to be best friends with your mom.  However, it can be easier if she can get along with most of your family members.
  9. Do you have fun together? Can you laugh together? Do you share some of the basic interests?
  10. Can you picture a life together? Do you see yourself with her in a year, five years, etc?


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