How To Know If She’s A Posessive Girlfriend

Learn how to know if she’s a possessive girlfriend when you start dating her. There is nothing wrong with showing your boyfriend how much you care about him without being possessive. You want to be respected and trusted by your girlfriend. The relationship would be in serious jeopardy if she is overbearing and controlling. You should feel like her boyfriend an equal partner in the relationship not like a pair of her old shoes she has possession over.  

  1. Your girlfriend gets upset when you spend time with friends especially when it’s without her. She’s okay when you hang-out with friends as long as she is right under you. That way she can watch you and know what you are doing but if you spend time along with them she acts suspicious.
  2. She always wants to know where you are going or when you will be back. Now it’s okay to tell your girlfriend where you are going; sometimes. You pretty much signed-up for that when you decided to get into a relationship with her, but it’s not cool if she always needs to know who you are going to be with and expects to know when you are going to be back. Your girlfriend is showing you she has some control issues that needs to be worked out before going any farther in the relationship.
  3. Has she becomes confrontational with ex-girlfriends? Unless you mislead her in thinking she is your first girlfriend; doubtfully she shouldn’t become aggressive with your ex or possessive towards you when coming face to face with one of your ex-girlfriend’s.  It’s okay for to be a little curious about girls you dated before her, but not getting angry and clinging on to you when you speak. Just make sure you introduce her as your girlfriend so she want like feel like she is being disregarded.
  4. She shows jealous tendency over female friends. Sometimes having female friends can make your girlfriend possessive about having to share her time with other girl’s. It would not be a good idea to not try and befriend other girls after you get a girlfriend, but if these are friends you had before her than she should be understanding and trust you.
  5. She is being possessive by demanding the passwords to your cell phone and email address. There shouldn’t be any secrets between the two of you. So she feels you must be hiding something if she doesn’t have access to your phone and email address. 
  6. She gets upset when you don’t return her calls promptly. If her calls are not returned in a timely fashion than she becomes very irate and demands to know what you were doing and who you were with.
  7. Does your girlfriend expect you to check-in with her on a regular base when the two of you are apart? When the two of you are not together she tries to dominate your every move by expecting you to call her often to let her know what are doing.
  8. Feels in-order for relationship to grow every free moment should be spent together. Her possessive nature want allow time for you and her to be apart so she is very needy and smothering. Her insecurities is putting a strand on the relationship.

If your girlfriend is trying to hog tie you, she is trying to possess you and that’s not something one person should normally try to do over another. Now you have to ask yourself is that something you want to continue to be a part of?

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