How To Know If She’s Using Me To Get Another Guy Jealous

If you're not quite secure in your relationship, you may be thinking, “I need to know how to know if she's using me to get another guy jealous.” Relationships can certainly be tricky, and the games played between the sexes are complex and multi-layered. Hopefully the girl you’re with is being straightforward with you, but there is a chance she has an ulterior motive. There are a few things you can look for to determine whether you’re just a sucker she's using to make another guy jealous.

  1. She never wants a simple night in. Do you often suggest that instead of a big night out the two of you just watch a movie on the sofa and order some pizza, only to be told that she’s too busy to get together? If she’s using you to get another guy jealous, she’s just not that into you, and she’s not going to waste an evening with you if it’s not meeting her ultimate goal. Make note of how often she wants or encourages alone time.
  2. Many of your dates involve groups of the same people. When you do go out, is it frequently with a  group of people, and is the same guy usually in that group of people? If she’s using you to get another guy jealous, she’ll want that guy to see the two of you together, and she’s going to try to create situations where this happens, such as group meet-ups. If every time you’re at dinner or out on the town it’s only among a mass of intimacy-wrecking others, this might be a sign of bad things.
  3. Her panties have a “No Trespassing” sign on them. If she’s just using you to get another guy jealous, she probably doesn’t care much about having a physical relationship with you. If, when you try to be intimate, the passion just isn’t in her kisses and she often gives you the cold shoulder, it’s an indication that something is up. And if every time you really go for the finish line her legs close tighter than a vise, you might wonder about the nature of your relationship.
  4. How much does she talk about this other guy? Is there a guy in her life she talks about just a little too much? Someone who seems like maybe he’s more than a friend and someone she seems a little obsessed with? Obviously, your girl is going to have male friends, but it can be easy to detect when her motives in the friendship are a little strange. If she seems particularly obsessed with another guy, it could be a sign she is using you to get that guy jealous.
  5. Is she excessively affectionate in public? When you are in public, especially in areas you normally frequent or when out with a group of standard friends—including a particular guy who always seems to be around—does she overdo it on the affection, suddenly becoming totally and completely into you? If so, she could be using you to get another guy jealous. She is going to want this guy to see her being very lovey-dovey with someone else, and unfortunately for you, you could be on the receiving end of this insincere affection.
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