How To Know If You Should Date Your Best Friend

If you are curious how to know if you should date your best friend, it is going to take quite a bit of contemplation. Your feelings for her are the reason you are considering a move in the first place. When you break down the situation, you can decide if taking that next step is worth it or if you should back off.

  1. Picture being intimate together. If you can picture being intimate together, then that is one way to know that you should date your best friend. When you think of the idea and it seems plain weird or awkward, chances are that is a feeling you may not get past.  
  2. Evaluate the risk. You could very well lose your best friend, but it may also work out to your benefit. If you think that being with her is worth the chance, then explain to her how you feel. If you believe that the chance of losing the friendship is more then you can bear, then it may be a sign that you should not date your best friend.
  3. Imagine a future together. If you can see her walking down the aisle toward you and having children together, then it may be worth it to date your best friend. When you think about that scenario and it makes you cringe or have serious doubts–or you just cannot imagine it at all–then being together may not be the best option.
  4. Think about losing your relationship confidant. Chances are she is the one you go to for advice on women. Should you enter into a relationship with each other, she will be the person you are referring to when you need relationship advice.  If you want to date your best friend, the idea of losing her as a relationship confidant and gaining a girlfriend will be a thrilling concept. But if you think about it and thoughts of dread pop into your head, she may not be the girl for you.  Then you should stick to being just friends.

Your best friend may very well be the perfect girlfriend for you, or she could just be your perfect friend. When you take your time to decide if you should date your best friend, you can find a solution that you are going to be happy with.

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