How To Know If Your Appendix Burst

Something hypochondriacs and people with abdominal pain may wonder about is how to know if your appendix burst. Well, the first thing that has to be resolved is whether or not there’s an issue with the appendix to begin with…after all, it’s not going to burst spontaneously just because it felt like it. Appendicitis occurs when your appendix gets blocked by something, usually feces or an abnormal growth of some kind, and stops working like it should. Be on the lookout for this combination of typical symptoms:

  1. Pain with a side of pain. The first and most universal symptom of an appendix problem is pain, and it’s not just one of those random aches and pains we all get over time as humans. Appendicitis pain is first centered around the navel and eventually moves down to the lower-right side of the abdomen; yes, it’s the right side, not the left—the left side is where the pancreas is located. This kind of pain will be minor at first, but eventually it will get a lot worse and you will definitely feel it.
  2. Feeling flu-ish. Some other symptoms you might (but not always will) experience with appendicitis are nausea, a low fever, chills, mysterious weight loss or lessened appetite, bowel issues and vomiting. Whether you go to a general practitioner, the acute care clinic, or the emergency room, you should unquestionably get some kind of testing done if any of those symptoms are present.
  3. Stop and start. If your appendix burst already, you may feel less intense pain in your abdomen at the outset…weird, yes, but that’s what happens. This is because all that pent-up tension and sickness has gone ‘boom’ and mitigated itself of its own tension, much like a blister that bursts in your shoe. Alas, the pain relief is only temporary and is actually a very bad sign that people tend to interpret as a good one.

Once the contents of your appendix are spread all over your abdominal cavity and your insides have become inflamed and infected with all the screwy bacteria, that god awful throbbing pain will make a raging comeback and you’ll get sicker as peritonitis begins to set in. The aforesaid disease can be fatal if left untreated, so appendicitis is most definitely not something you try and treat by rubbing a piece of citrine all over your abdomen while hoping for the best

Many people don’t realize they have appendicitis because they figure their stomach ache is just gas, and may not even know if the appendix has burst. Now, before you race to the ER in hysterics over a stomach ache, know that there’s no need to have a nervous breakdown if you’ve got a cramp in your belly…sometimes, even gas pain can bring you to your knees. But what you should be wary of is pain near the navel and on the right side of the abdomen, especially if it occurs in conjunction with the other symptoms of appendicitis.

If you think you might have something wrong with your appendix, you can try calling your regular doctor first to see what they think or make a little trip to the outpatient clinic if your local hospital has one. Appendicitis is serious, but is second only to detonating a bomb in your ear canal. If you want a second opinion, call the emergency room and ask them if they feel you should come in for an exam. If your appendix burst already, you still have a couple days to get treatment…you shouldn’t wait, but it’s not “game over” immediately. However, if you have any one-sided abdominal pain whatsoever, it necessitates a doctor visit since it may not be the appendix, but still may be a serious problem. Do not ignore severe abdominal pain that lasts for more than a day. This is your body sending up metaphorical flares to say that something is seriously wrong in your system and you need to get it taken care of right now


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