How To Know If Your Boss Wants To Date You

Need to know if your boss wants to date you? Figuring out whether your boss wants to date you can be risky business. Although you may think you are seeing the signs, making the first move prematurely can have serious implications for your career, including sexual harassment allegations that may cost you your job. If you’re feeling a connection with your boss that goes beyond the workplace, take things slowly and make sure you’re certain your boss wants to date you before responding to her cues.

  1. Note whether she’s ever asked you about your relationship status. If your boss wants to date you, take note of the conversation she makes. If she’s asked you if you’re married or seeing someone special, this is a good sign that she may want to be more than your boss.
  2. Watch her body language. You can get a lot of clues about whether your boss wants to date you by watching her body language when you’re together. If your boss touches her upper arms and neck, plays with her hair, or strokes objects like a pen or a glass in a sensual way, this could be good indicating that she shares your crush.
  3. Pay attention to his behavior outside of work. Your boss may take extra care to not flirt in the office, so look at how she interacts with you at functions outside of work closely. If your boss wants to date you, she will pay you extra attention at happy hour and during office parties.  
  4. See if she takes an interest in your likes and interests. When you’re chatting with your boss, think about the topics she discusses. If she strays from work topics and asks you about your hobbies and personal life, this is good sign that your boss wants to date you.
  5. Look at her overall demeanor. Compare how your boss acts around you in relation to your other co-workers. If she laughs, flirts, and chats about personal topics with other employees, this may just be part of her personality. If she only exhibits these behaviors around you, however, this is a good sign that your boss wants to date you.
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