How To Know If Your Cat Has Cat Food Allergies

Looking for information on how to know if your cat has cat food allergies? Unfortunately, many cats develop cat food allergies. Of course, the only way to fix cat food allergies is to find out what your cat is allergic to and purchase a food that does not contain that ingredient. You should always be aware of the symptoms that accompany cat food allergies so that you can diagnose the problem as soon as possible.

  1. Check if your cat is itching. If your cat has cat food allergies, you may notice that your cat is doing a lot of itching. Generally speaking, cats will itch their face, neck, and ears if they are suffering from a cat food allergy. You may notice your cat's skin is becoming crusty due to the itching.
  2. Check for hair loss. Many cats that suffer from cat food allergies will have some sort of hair loss. The hair loss is typically due to your cat itching itself or over-grooming itself.
  3. Check for shedding. Cats that are experiencing cat food allergies may shed part of their skin. If this occurs, you will notice that the skin on your cat is red. Due to the skin being exposed, it is not uncommon for your cat to develop lesions on the skin due to the itching.

If you suspect that your cat has cat food allergies, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Your veterinarian should be able to perform a blood test so that the cause of your cat's cat food allergies can be found.



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